Dribbling and Ball Handling

Handling a ball or any object should go through a simple progression of learning how to hold the ball in the lap to moving with it in the lap. Dribbling should start in the stationary position and finding the right place near the wheelchair where to dribble it without hitting the wheelchair. And, because the ball will fall to the ground alot or a game will require picking up objects off the ground, the child should learn to do this while stationary and while moving.


  • In order to dribble the ball the dribbler should keep the ball close to the side of the wheelchair rather than in front.
  • The child should use enough force to bounce the ball so that the ball comes back to their hand held at wheel height.
  • To begin dribble with movement the child should take one bounce put the ball in their lap and take two pushes and then bounce the ball again.
  • Once competent at this skill the dribbler can then try continual dribbling
    • Pushing the ball out further in front of them and pushing their wheelchair forward to the ball and then bouncing the ball beside the wheelchair while still moving