Wheeling Backward

 Start (Ready) Position

  • Head up and eyes forward
    • Need to know where you are going at all times and where others are as well
  • Body leaning slightly forward
    • Depending on balance, core trunk strength and possibly disability related issues, the ready body should be over the knees to maximize the first stroke
  • Hands on wheels positioned at around 2:00 with palms on tires and fingers loosely clenching hand rim

First Stroke

  • Lean body slightly backward as hands move from 2:00 to 11:00 position and the arms straighten (head should turn to look over shoulder periodically to ensure moving straight and to see what is behind)
    • The length of the stroke may depend on balance, flexibility and coordination at first or on situational challenges (obstacles)
  • The stroke recovers with the hands quickly returning to the 2:00 position while the body gently sways back to a more upright position

Teaching Points

  • Start with nothing going on behind the child and have them focus on a spot on the wall in front of them for guidance
  • When there are things going on throughout the space, make sure they are acting safely by being aware of what is behind them (looking behind them regularly)
  • Not going straight is probably because the arm motion is not in unison