Catching is one of the sports skills for which you will find some of the greatest variations. Catching requires balance and coordination which are often overlooked.

  • All kinds of catches should be attempted:
    • One handed (both hands)
    • Two handed
    • Stationary and Moving
    • Catching high and low
    • Catching to the side or right in front



  • It is important when catching the ball that the child is in a ready to catch position with hands in a position where they expect to get the pass (target)
  • Hands should be in a cupped position and the fingers outstretched
  • Catching the ball one handed may require the catcher to balance themselves by holding the frame of the wheelchair with the opposite hand that they catch with
  • When catching a low pass the catcher may need to use the front of the wheelchair frame to sit up again once they have caught the ball depending on their level of ability
  • Use one hand to catch the ball and the other to push themselves back up into a sitting position