Changing Direction

Most games involve dodging, weaving, zig zagging, turning and pivoting so wheeling skills need to progress to the next level in order to participate fully.

Turning While Moving

  • Prepare for the turn by angling slightly outwards as the target is approached (see video)
  • While moving forward, lightly grab inside wheel enough to change direction
    • The harder you grip, the greater the turn will be
  • Once desired change in direction is achieved resume wheeling forward as quickly as possible


Performing a u-turn is similar to parallel parking a car or trying to do a three point turn (which can be an activity itself).

  • Start in the ready position
  • Take 1 stroke forward
  • Stop
  • Turn 90 degrees in the direction you want to pivot
  • Pull backwards
  • Once you've cleared the obstacle you want to pivot around (like another chair for instance), turn 90 degrees
  • Pull backwards and you should be back in the ready position but on the other side of the obstacle